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Evolution of the Calibration sector in the era of Industry 4.0+ - 2024 Vision

Updated: Apr 1

Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and IoT-based technologies are all set to transform Calibration Labs and the industry. We need to prepare for this change.

Technology evolution across sectors is accelerating at a rate unparalleled in the history of mankind. No business vertical is left untouched by technology adoption and digital transformation. This reality made me think about how the Calibration sector will adopt technology and transform itself. Here are my thoughts.

Blockchain-based tamper-proof Certificates.

Document immutability is now possible with Blockchain, and this technology will be widely deployed to generate tamper-proof calibration certificates. Also using blockchain a completely traceable chain of instruments leading from the master standards in NIST to the end-user can be built.

Touchless calibration using IoT, computer vision, and robotics

It’s possible to do remote monitoring and remote calibration using IoT sensors, computer vision, and robotics. IoT sensors can be used to collect data from instruments. Deep visual insights can be generated using computer vision. Robotic arms connected to instruments can be used to execute instructions from a remote command center. This will enable even smaller players to cater to global clients without the need to be physically near to the machines and devices.

Predicting failure situations using Machine Learning

Data from instruments can be collected using IoT sensors and pushed to remote servers to train ML algorithms to learn about possible failure situations and performance degradations. Calibration labs acquiring the ability to predict such situations will help their clients to make informed decisions and potentially save time and money.


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is sure that the calibration industry will see an exponential rate of adoption of technology. This will enable the labs to widen their market reach, improve their productivity, and also will enable them to offer more services. If you are in this domain, keep a close watch on the progression of these technologies and how they get adopted to our sector and other sectors. It’s worth the effort.

If you would like to know more about the digital transformation possibilities of your calibration business, feel free to ping us at We are here to help you.

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