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METQUAY and Fluke MET/CAL integration - a comprehensive solution to your complex problem.

One-click data import from FLUKE MET/CAL


Reduce manual work and errors. Get all the tools you need to manage your calibration lab in a single low-cost solution.

MET/CONNECT coupled with Metquay worksheets can do direct data import from calibrators, calculate uncertainties, and apply CMC corrections as per the lab's uncertainty budget. Metquay’s custom reporting module can auto-generate and deliver calibration certificates as per your specific customer requirements.

Fluke and Metquay Integration

Metquay is the first and only calibration lab management software that seamlessly integrates with Fluke MET/CAL to create a solution that provides everything you need to effectively run your calibration lab. Metquay - MET/CAL integration allows you to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability, increase technician productivity and efficiency, lowering calibrator manual costs, calibration cycle times, and the costs of managing the calibration process.

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