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Learn About Laboratory Standards and Certification.

Updated: Jun 6

How do you trust the gas delivered by a pump? Has it ever crossed your mind as to whether the readings shown are right? Whether you are paying more? Whether the tank is getting filled? There are numerous applications across the real world that require our blind trust in existing mechanisms. So how do we go ahead with such a dynamically evolving world and trust our lives with it?

During the 2022 NCSLI Conference, attendees will have access to lectures and workshops aimed at teaching laboratory professionals about the latest laboratory standards and certifications. These sessions provide an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of standardization in laboratories so that members of the laboratory community can use this information to develop innovative processes and protocols. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Measurement science is the broader name given to this field that covers all forms of physical and chemical measurements which affect the functionality and overall safety of the world we live in. From retaining the trust of consumer, suppliers, and middlemen, an international standard is set to ensure that quality and trust is always and foremost priority in any industry. Ranging from healthcare to space travel, it is this science that lies at the root of it all. The international system of units was formed as a base, to ensure uniformity across the world when it comes to maintaining quality standards.

This is where organizations and communities talk, celebrate, host, and sensitize people about the industry that ensures safety in the community. NCSL International (NCSLI) is such an organization that recognized the need to provide the world a chance to publicize to the world about the field of measurement science and related avenues. They set out a venue for networking and exchanging information, promoting measurement education, and skill development, and developing a means to resolve measurement challenges by promoting and supporting, conferences, training events, committees, and communities.

NCSLI strives to move forward with its laid-out vision of becoming the world’s most trusted source and forefront of becoming the measurement science information hub.

Unlike other industries, the major challenge faced here succumbs to the lack of knowledge about the field among common people. For such an industry that has enormous impacts, the knowledge available to the common man is often very limited. Organizations like NCSLI aim to extend their reach by conducting “outreach” programs at schools, universities, training events, workshops, and conferences. They even facilitate scholarships to help aid talent in the industry.

From technical presentations to networking opportunities, the 2022 NCSLI Conference offers members of the laboratory community unparalleled experiences. Every year, laboratory professionals from around the world come together to exchange ideas, make contacts, and explore advances in standardization techniques.

We, at Metquay Inc, believe in this same mission. Extending our presence at various conferences like the Measurement science conference (MSC) acknowledge the vision of this industry. Our participation at the MSC, which was a massive success gave us avenues to expand and understand the crux of the industry.

Our CEO, Sandeep Nair says “The venue (MSC) helped create a lot of connections with the giants and experienced pioneers of the industry. The connections helped shape and reassess our goals and priorities and help launch the product in a direction deemed for true success and growth. We believe the NCSLI will also provide another venue for helping build a stronger network amongst the measurement sciences community, along with sensitizing the world of our importance! Looking forward to the experience eagerly!”

Our Metquay stall is at booth 508, held at Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas from August 21 to 24!

Get to know our products better and also see first-hand the changes that are evolving in this industry!


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