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Measurement Science Conference – The journey

Every year conferences on calibration ethics and related fields are held across the world, but one such event with a rich history and a proven cause is the ‘Measurement Science Conference’.

The Measurement Science Conference (MSC) is an open forum held annually across 2 days to discuss innovation in the field of measurements. It is also considered the best avenue to promote ethics and professionalism amongst the members of this vast community.

Originally called the CAL-POLY MEASUREMENT SCIENCE CONFERENCE, took form in the San Luis Obispo University campus, which sponsored the event and the event was coordinated by the staff of the university.

So what was the need for such a conference?

With technology ramping up at an unimaginable pace, the need for precise instruments, proper maintenance, etc came into prime importance. From the expansion of government projects to contractors dealing with an influx of demands that include the use of machinery and precise instruments, the need for communities such as the MSC was the need of the hour.

Another noble mission of the MSC was to highlight the talent available in this field and attract enough opportunities. With an immaculate history spanning over 10 years, this conference still stays true to its original mission providing ample opportunities for those interested to pursue their true passion.

Across the years, the event highlights the presence of its keynote speakers and other noted celebrities in the community getting together to discuss the latest developments in the field. Each year the event is based on a set theme with some examples being, ‘Measuring our Independence’, ‘Expanding measurement technology’ etc.

The event also presents the prestigious ‘Woodington award’, sponsored as a memorial to the late Andrew J. Woodington, which is the measurement community’s recognition of an individual who represents the highest level of professionalism, and dedication to the Metrology profession.

The 2022 edition of this event is no different in the quality of the content it has to offer. The theme for the year is, ‘METROLOGY SINE QUA NON: Nothing is possible without metrology’. The MSC also plans to host measurement-related courses to be taken by experts in the industry. The courses include study materials and hands-on exercises to help aid newcomers to the field and experienced professionals looking to upskill.

The conference celebrates companies that provide true innovation along with setting out a platform to attract talent into this vicarious industry.

We, at Metquay Inc, are proud to be a part of this event this year. We find this as a true platform to exhibit our products to our peers and prospective customers looking to adopt cutting-edge technology in asset management to ease the workload in the calibration and maintenance of assets.

Entrepreneur and CEO of Metquay Inc, Sandeep Nair says “The importance of calibration in our everyday life and the need for communities that dictate good practices, ethics and sensitization of this field is the need of the hour. Such a forum allows young, novel companies such as ours to showcase the full potential of our product and the cutting edge features we provide.

Find us at stall 408 from May 16-19, 2022 at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, California.

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