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Revolutionize Your Calibration Labelling: Create DIY Calibration Labels/Stickers in Metquay

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Metquay calibration lab management platform allows you to create DIY calibration labels/stickers in just a few simple steps. It's easy and fast, but you can also customize your label with advanced options like text, images, barcodes, and QR codes.

How do you print your calibration labels?

  • Label Printer Software

  • Calibration Software

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Some of the benefits of using Metquay for DIY calibration labels/stickers are,

  • Create professional-looking labels in less than 60 seconds

  • Use pre-made templates or start from scratch with our design tools

  • Add custom text or images to your label using our online editor

  • Add dynamic fields to the sticker from your calibration certificate or work order so that you don't have to manually edit the sticker for each work.

1. Choosing the Right Label Printer

There are many types of label printers available in the market, but not all are right for your calibration labeling needs. The two main types are thermal and inkjet.

Thermal printers work by heating up a printhead that then transfers heat to the label surface, which causes it to melt and stick to whatever you're printing on. The advantage of these is that they don't use ink and can print on various materials such as paper or plastic. However, they tend to be slower than inkjet models because their printheads need time to warm up before use. If you only need labels occasionally then this might not be an issue - but if you want something more reliable or faster-printing then consider looking elsewhere!

Inkjet printing uses liquid inks instead of heat; this means that there's no risk of damaging labels by leaving them in place too long while they dry out (which can happen with thermal printers). Inkjets also tend towards higher resolutions than thermals do - so if image quality matters more than speed then definitely go with an inkjet model!

2. Designing and Printing Labels in Metquay

  • Log in to Metquay - a calibration management platform with your user credentials

  • Go to “Reports” and select “Sticker Configuration”

  • The user can add a new template by clicking “Add” and by providing a template name, and the desired margin for the template.

  • The user will be asked to provide the required unit, height, and width (dimensions) in which the sticker has to be made.

You can add custom styles and fields in the sticker template based on your label requirements

You can also add dynamic fields viz Calibration certificate number, recommended due date, calibration date, technician name, etc so that each time you print a calibration sticker or label it will automatically substitute the data from the current calibration work order.

3. Choosing the right label template for your calibration work order

You can choose the right sticker template for your calibration work order from the 'My works' screen in Metquay. The template will be filled with your work order details automatically. All you need to do is select and print the label.

4. Printing calibration labels in bulk to save your time

Metquay allows you to print your labels in bulk to save time whether you an in an in-house calibration lab or on-site doing field calibrations.

5. Metquay Recommends Brother Ptouch PT-P750 Label Printer for your calibration labels

Brother P-Touch label printers are a popular choice among Metquay's customers, and internal and commercial calibration labs alike. They're easy to use, reliable, and can be used in a variety of situations viz onsite or field calibrations.

Brother provides a variety of label sizes right from 12mm, and different label colors with auto-cut future to prevent label wastage. These printers are portable, can be battery-powered, and will work on wifi.

Thank you for reading this article. To learn more about the Metquay calibration management platform and its certificate and label capabilities reach out to us at

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