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Digital Transformation of Certification and Documentation Processes in Calibration Labs in 2023

Updated: Feb 25

Case-study on how South East Asia’s leading calibration lab Caltek PTE LTD, Singapore exponentially improved time and effort spent on certification and documentation processes.

If you are connected to calibration labs you will be well aware about the insane amount of time they spend on certification and documentation processes. For each equipment calibration, the lab ends up spending not less than an hour on this. What if they could reduce this by one tenth? That’s exactly what Singapore based leading calibration lab Caltek achieved.

Caltek is one of South-East Asia’s largest calibration laboratories with a wide range of scopes in Electrical, Bio-Medical, Mechanical, and Temperature domains and several project divisions. Their clientele spans across a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, aviation, logistics, marine, oil & gas, construction, semiconductors and automobiles. They count Singapore Airlines, Rolls Royce, Phillips, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, IBM and Hyundai in their client list.

The problem

45 minutes is what Caltek had to spend for every calibration certificate on an average. This included certificate preparation and documentation. Their customer service team was overwhelmed with customer requests for copies of old certificates. This increased their turnaround time, affecting their business scalability and resource management.

Automation is the solution

To improve efficiency of any process the manual involvement needs to be reduced as much as possible. For best performance, manual involvement should be restricted to final verification of the outcome, and every other action should have near zero manual touch points.

Metquay Calibration Management System addressed this, and Caltek signed up.

10x improvement

Caltek saw efficiency improvement by 10 times. The certification and documentation process that took almost an hour is now a 5 minutes process. The documentation team was reallocated to calibration work as their overall effort for documentation and certification reduced by 60%. This increased their bandwidth to take up more calibration work and thus positively impacting the top-line revenue.

Metquay has a self-service portal to which customers of Caltek can login and download their certificates, including old ones. This significantly reduced the number of phone calls the customer service team had to handle, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of customer success.

These are some real and tangible numbers, aren’t they?

Digital Transformation beyond jargoneering

At a time when the world has started wondering if the promise of digital transformation to bring real business transformation is less real, thanks to reports on billions of dollars wasted by global majors, implementing digital systems that focus on process efficiency than just the automation of current processes can indeed bring a new dimension to business growth. And that new dimension is a cumulative effect of improved customer success and better employee happiness.

Probably it is time to start measuring digital transformation outcomes on these two parameters. Customer success and employee happiness that is.

If you would like to know more about digital transformation possibilities of your calibration business, feel free to ping us at We are here to help you.

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