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Digital Transformation of calibration labs handling defense and space equipment in 2024.

Updated: Apr 1

It is important for calibration lab softwares to be compliant with ITAR, as it is a critical requirement for calibration labs handling defence and space contracts.

ITAR compliance is mandatory for calibration labs handling defence and space contracts

International Traffic in Arms Regulations - ITAR - governs the handling of defence and space equipment in the USA. Calibration labs handling such equipment should have their softwares equipped to handle the compliance requirements. These requirements are designed for data security, and hence not being compliant is not an option for such labs.

Let’s take a look at what these requirements are.

Classification of sensitive data.

The software should be designed to ensure all sensitive data is properly identified and classified. Such data should be stored only in data stores located within the jurisdictional authority of the US Federal Government.

Access Control.

Who gets access to what, is an important part of the regulation.A multi-tier access control is required by this regulation. Also, users who have not logged in for long periods of time need to be identified and deactivated. All data, including documents handled by the software should have well-defined access permissions.

Audit logging.

Each user activity within the software should be logged and should be traceable with timestamps. This includes access to various data and documents, creation of data and documents, their modification, and deletion.

If you are running a calibration lab, and are handling defence and space contracts, make sure ITAR compliance is not missed out in your digital transformation process.

If you would like to know more about digital transformation possibilities of your calibration business, feel free to ping us at We are here to help you.

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