4 tried-and-tested tips for a people-centric calibration software implementation plan

Is your calibration software implementation plan people-centric?

For every lab, transitioning to a new calibration software is a challenging task. While focussing most of your energy and time on choosing the right product, negotiating the price features, etc. there is this one aspect which is completely overlooked most of the time. You may not realize it until the rollout is delayed and cost overruns put the project in the red zone.

Why do people matter?

 “ If you want to change your organisation, start with your people”

The most valuable resource of any calibration lab is undoubtedly its people. The calibration software is just one of those tools which are meant to make their life easier and let them do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. It’s always challenging to introduce a new tool into the workflow and get the users to start using it in the most appropriate way.

Here is a list of four tried-and-tested tips from our team at Metquay on how to efficiently roll out new software to your lab process with the wholehearted support from your people.

 1. Assemble a competent and highly motivated team ( champions )

 You need a team of competent and highly motivated individuals to lead the process right from shortlisting, evaluation, negotiation to finalisation. Their involvement right from the beginning gives a sense of ownership to the new tool and they will make sure the product is implemented successfully by supporting and motivating the rest of the team.


 2. KPI for implementation effectiveness

 KPIs or key performance indicators are the metrics used to evaluate an employee’s effectiveness over a period of time. Make sure the software implementation and usage is given appropriate weight on a person’s KPI.


 3. Allocate quality time for training

The time for training, trial runs, etc should be included in the daily work plan of each employee. This will make sure each person is able to fully focus on the training process and raise his/her feedback or concerns on the application before its deployed in production.


 4. Gamify

For labs consisting of multiple departments, gamification could bring a lot of excitement in the software implementation process. A carefully designed game plan with some onetime incentives could speed things up in a great way as per our experience.

One of our customers announced a one time bonus to the department which prints the first 1000 certificates using Metquay from the date of go live and the results across the entire organisation were pretty amazing.

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